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Today is the International Women's Day and the UNESCO in association with L'Oreal awarded distinctions to five leading women researchers, one per continent - the awards identify exceptional women as role models for the generations to come.

This program, which began in 1998, each year recognizes five outstanding women researchers, one from each of the five continents, who have contributed to scientific progress and serve as role models for the next generation of young women. In addition, there are 15 international fellowships offered to young women scientists at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. Detailed information about these women and their accomplishments are available on the website

The 2007 Award laureates are Pr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim from Mauritius (Laureate for Africa); Pr. Ligia Gargallo from Chile (Laureate for Latin America); Pr. Mildred Dresselhaus from the USA (Laureate for North America); Pr. Margaret Brimble from New Zealand (Laureate for Asia-Pacific); and Pr. Tatiana Birshtein from Russia (Laureate for Europe).

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