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August 22, 2014
Follow that Cell
Nigeria confirms 2 new Ebola cases
American Ebola doc urges help fighting outbreak
Democrats reframe debate on health care
August 21, 2014
Patient in California Tests Negative for Ebola
California Patient Tests Negative for Ebola
GPS devices find huge water loss in western US
AP Science News - 23:00
Dangerous Rays: Fewer U.S. Kids Are Using Sunscreen
Ebola: Care and recovery of 2 American aid workers
AP Health News - 19:00
QA: Photographer in Liberia's Ebola Zone Encounters the Dead—But Also Moments of Joy
American Ebola doc: 'I am thrilled to be alive'
AP Health News - 17:00
New Research Suggests Cancer May Be an Intrinsic Property of Cells
What Cured the American Ebola Patients?
Has the Atlantic Ocean Stalled Global Warming?
Study: Combining vaccines boosts polio immunity
AP Health News - 15:00
2 American Ebola patients discharged from hospital
AP Health News - 15:00
Study: Combining vaccines boosts polio immunity
AP Science News - 15:00
Experimental Drug Stops Ebola-like Infection
Imprint of primordial monster star found - 15:00
Atlantic Ocean key to global-warming pause - 15:00
Liberia gives food in slum sealed to stop Ebola
AP Health News - 13:00
2 American Ebola patients released from hospital
AP Health News - 13:00
New restrictions on hydrocodone to take effect
AP Health News - 13:00
Brantly: Writebol Expressed Gratitude for Prayers
Emory Doctor: Ebola patients 'pose no public health threat'
Flow of Chinese grad students to U.S. slows
ScienceNOW - 11:15
Watch Live: Ebola Patient Is Released From Atlanta Hospital
Big Apple doctor-in-chief seeks community approach
AP Health News - 11:00
Sealed off Liberia slum calm amid Ebola outbreak
Monthly blood transfusions reduce sickle cell anemia-related brain injury in children
First-ever illustrated global bird classification reveals 400 new species
ScienceNOW - 8:15
Aid group: US doctor who had Ebola has recovered
Heading Home: Ebola Patient to Be Released From Atlanta Hospital
WHO officials to visit Liberian Ebola clinics
American doctor who had Ebola has recovered
What Argentina’s financial woes mean for science
Pregnant Women Should Avoid All Canned Tuna: Report
Pregnant women should avoid all canned tuna: report
Reactions in Asia to instant noodle study
Noodles: Friend or foe? S. Koreans defend diet
Marmosets may help humans fight deadly coronavirus
ScienceNOW - 2:45
Baby corals and fish smell their way to the best home
ScienceNOW - 2:00
August 20, 2014
Study: Seals Infected Early Americans With Tuberculosis
As Ebola Crisis Spreads in West Africa, Liberia's Deterioration Stands Out
Liberian slums barricaded as Ebola sets new record
AP Health News - 18:00
Pryor's 'Obamacare' ad highlights his cancer fight
AP Health News - 18:00
Blood Transfusions Stop Strokes in Sickle-Cell Kids
Successful Marburg Virus Treatment Offers Hope for Ebola Patients
Drug for Ebola-like virus promising in ill monkeys
AP Health News - 16:00
Drug saves monkeys from close relative of Ebola - 16:00
Deadliest Strain: Drug Cures Ebola Cousin in Monkeys
Seals Brought Tuberculosis to Americas
Seals Brought Tuberculosis to the Americas
Deadliest Strain: Drug Cures Ebola Cousin in Monkeys
Neanderthals Died Out 10,000 Years Earlier Than Thought, With Help From Modern Humans
Why the Current Mass Extinction Matters
WHO: West Africa Ebola death toll rises to 1,350
AP Health News - 14:00
Neanderthals and humans had 'ample time' to mix
AP Science News - 14:00
Scale up the supply of experimental Ebola drugs - 14:00
Neanderthals: Bone technique redrafts prehistory - 14:00
Seals brought TB to Americas - 14:00
New NIH research awards to address multiple chronic conditions
Icelandic volcano shakes ominously - 12:00
More parents nixing anti-bleeding shots for their newborns - 12:00
Test reliably detects inherited immune deficiency in newborns
Seven days: 15–21 August 2014 - 10:00
Patient Tested for Deadly Ebola at California Hospital
Animal speech shows similarities to human language
ScienceNOW - 3:45
Experimental drug stops Ebola-like infection
ScienceNOW - 2:45
Data check: Not so EAGER for NSF funding?
ScienceNOW - 2:30
Seals infected early Americans with tuberculosis
ScienceNOW - 2:00
Neandertals and modern humans overlapped in Eurasia, but not for long
ScienceNOW - 1:00
August 19, 2014
Liberia president declares Ebola curfew
AP Health News - 20:00
Jerusalem Zoo Struggles to Remain Common Ground for Israelis, Palestinians
Coal-Dependent Arkansas Faces Stiff Emissions Target and a Running Clo
Double threat for Tibet - 18:00
Monarch Butterfly's Reign Threatened by Milkweed Decline
African elephant numbers collapsing - 14:00
Liberia: 3 receiving untested Ebola drug improving
AP Health News - 12:00
NIH to probe racial disparity in grant awards - 12:00
Ebola Toll Rises, but There's Some Hope
Liberia: Missing quarantined patients are found
AP Health News - 10:00
Liberia: Missing suspected Ebola patients found
For climbing snakes, better safe than sorry
ScienceNOW - 7:15
WHO says Ebola has killed more than 1,200
Life or Death: Who Gets Experimental Ebola Drugs?
Wolves cooperate but dogs submit, study suggests
ScienceNOW - 4:45
Scientists seek high bar for climate engineering experiments
ScienceNOW - 4:15
August 18, 2014
Congo polio strain can resist vaccine - 18:00
Man-made quakes shake the ground less than natural ones - 18:00
Strongest Evidence Yet That Pygmies' Short Stature Is Genetic
100,000 Elephants Killed by Poachers in Just Three Years, Landmark Analysis Finds
100,000 elephants killed in Africa, study finds
AP Science News - 16:00
High-risk brain research wins NSF backing - 16:00
Growing unrest sets back Liberia's Ebola fight
AP Health News - 14:00
NIH announces the launch of 3 integrated precision medicine trials
17 who fled Liberia Ebola clinic still missing
AP Health News - 12:00
UN urges exit screening for Ebola at some airports
AP Health News - 12:00
Missionary visits Ebola-stricken wife in hospital
AP Health News - 12:00
UN undertakes polio vaccination campaign in Iraq
AP Health News - 12:00