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December 20, 2014
Tour agents: North Korea may soon lift Ebola restrictions
December 19, 2014
Patient exposed to Ebola Discharged from NIH Clinical Center Today
Watch: World's Deepest Fish Lurks 5 Miles Down in Mariana Trench
Explaining Mysterious 'Pancake Ice' on River in Scotland
Chevron: Big flames at refinery no cause for alarm
AP Science News - 18:00
Machine Learning Reveals Genetic Controls
FDA approves AbbVie combo hepatitis C treatment
AP Health News - 16:00
AstraZeneca cancer drug, companion test approved
AP Health News - 16:00
Flu season, early again, hitting hard in South and Midwest
AP Science News - 16:00
For sale: “Your name here” in a prestigious science journal - 16:00
Prepackaged caramel apples linked to 4 deaths
AP Health News - 14:00
AstraZeneca cancer drug, companion test approved
AP Health News - 14:00
Japanese scientist resigns as 'STAP' stem-cell method fails - 14:00
Flu Season Is Off to an Early Start This Year: CDC
The Flu Is Widespread in 29 States, CDC Says
Lawsuit sheds light on controversial heart stem cell papers
ScienceNOW - 12:45
Caramel Apples Linked to Five Deaths, CDC Says
Prepackaged caramel apples linked to 5 deaths
AP Health News - 12:00
Efforts to save rare northern white rhino continue
AP Science News - 12:00
Caramel Apples Linked to 5 Deaths, CDC Says
For Leopards in Iran and Iraq, Land Mines Are a Surprising Refuge
Scientists Discover That Exercise Changes Your DNA
Could Christmas Worsen Ebola's Spread?
Officials scramble to respond to Bangladesh oil spill
ScienceNOW - 9:45
Europe recommends approval for first stem-cell therapy
UN chief visits Ebola-ravaged West African nations
RIKEN team gives up on STAP cells
ScienceNOW - 6:00
Minnesota links caramel apples, 2 listeria deaths
December 18, 2014
Male Praying Mantids Have a Strategy For Not Being Eaten by Their Mates
One More Drug For Ebola Treatment Pipeline?
Watch a Tortoise Rescue Another in Distress—Was It Trying to Help?
Wolves and Bears Stage Comeback in Crowded, Urban Europe
European court clears way for stem-cell patents - 17:00
Birds May Have Sensed Severe Storms Days in Advance
Peculiar Extinct Fish With Spines Named for National Geographic
How do you test an Ebola vaccine? - 15:00
'Virgin birth' stem cells can now be patented in Europe - 15:00
Books Arts of 2014 - 15:00
Where Has All the (Sea Trash) Plastic Gone?
Ebola: 11th Sierra Leone doctor dies; fire destroys supplies
AP Health News - 13:00
This is why you’re always getting lost
ScienceNOW - 12:30
'Dinosaur eggs' spotted on Rosetta’s comet
ScienceNOW - 11:30
Irish face new abortion row over brain-dead woman
AP Health News - 11:00
Cambodian villagers angry over HIV outbreak
AP Health News - 11:00
AP IMPACT: Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect
AP Health News - 11:00
Ebola survivors fight prejudice - 11:00
Still no stem cells via easy 'STAP' path - 11:00
Baby Has 'Worst Disease You've Never Heard Of'
Opinion: Why Cubans May Not Be Thrilled at New Relations With U.S.
Delivering "The Pill" Wasn't Easy
11th Sierra Leonean doctor dies from Ebola
Breakthrough of the Year: The top 10 scientific achievements of 2014
ScienceNOW - 2:15
Ibuprofen boosts some organisms’ life spans
ScienceNOW - 2:00
Genetic study reveals surprising ancestry of many Americans
ScienceNOW - 2:00
Air Pollution in Pregnancy May Nearly Double Autism Risk
December 17, 2014
Why Cubans May Not Be Thrilled at New Relations With U.S.
4-Foot Salamander Arrives in London as Face of New Conservation Effort
Supplement maker admits lying about ingredients
AP Health News - 20:00
Correction: Brain Injury Program-NFL story
AP Health News - 20:00
Washington governor proposes carbon pollution cap
AP Science News - 20:00
UK releases world's largest university assessment - 20:00
New Stroke Treatment: Removing Clot Can Limit Disability
A fresh setback for efforts to cure HIV infection
AP Health News - 18:00
Study: Alcatraz inmates could have survived escape
AP Science News - 18:00
Despite risks, benzodiazepine use highest in older people
Researchers are tracking the elusive predators as habitat loss pushes them closer to urban areas.
Study: Removing clot helps limit stroke disability
AP Health News - 16:00
Colorado funds medical marijuana research, a first
AP Health News - 16:00
Washington governor proposes cap on carbon pollution
AP Science News - 16:00
Colorado funds medical marijuana research, a first
AP Science News - 16:00
Parasite test shows where validation studies can go wrong - 16:00
365 days: Nature’s 2014 quiz - 16:00
Comet lander's location still eludes scientists - 16:00
NIH complementary and integrative health agency gets new name
Marijuana research projects getting state funding
AP Science News - 14:00
Protections blocked, but sage grouse work goes on
AP Science News - 14:00
Marijuana research projects getting state funding
AP Health News - 14:00
Seven days: 12–18 December 2014 - 14:00
365 days: 2014 in science - 14:00
365 days: Images of the year - 14:00
365 days: Nature's 10 - 14:00
Earth's deep crust could support widespread life - 14:00
Update on Patient with exposure to Ebola at the NIH Clinical Center
Feds File Murder Charges in Fungal Meningitis Outbreak
Advanced manufacturing proves to be political sweet spot
ScienceNOW - 12:15
Study finds genetic clue to menopause-like condition in young women
UK proposes rules for embryos made from 3 people
AP Health News - 12:00
Comment pieces of 2014 - 12:00
Experimental Drugs Target Bacteria’s Social Network
Chronic high blood sugar may be detrimental to the developing brain of young children
Clot-Grabbing Devices Offer Better Outcomes for Stroke Patients than Drugs
Zimbabwe's Reported Plan to Export Baby Elephants Raises Outcry Against Animal Trade
Napster co-founder to invest in allergy research
AP Science News - 10:00
Napster co-founder to invest in allergy research
AP Health News - 10:00
Inside the cultural struggle to stamp out Ebola - 10:00
Romanian prime minister relinquishes his PhD - 10:00
Yes, You Lose Weight by Breathing: Study
Arrests Made in Meningitis Outbreak That Killed 60
House searches for Ebola in Sierra Leone capital
Napster co-founder to invest on allergy research