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September 02, 2015
Watchdog: 900,000 vets may have pending health care requests
AP Health News - 17:00
Intellectually disabled often get antipsychotics in absence of mental illness - 17:00
Rejection of GM crops is not a failure for science - 17:00
Giant study poses DNA data-sharing dilemma - 17:00
What could derail the wearables revolution? - 17:00
Nearly Every Seabird on Earth Is Eating Plastic
Lots of trees to hug: Study counts 3 trillion trees on Earth
AP Science News - 15:00
Pioneer behind controversial PubPeer site reveals his identity - 15:00
Human error is behind many avalanche deaths - 15:00
Anonymous pioneer of post-publication review reveals his identity - 15:00
Men Get Double Mastectomies, Too
Leukemia Immune Therapy Works Long-Term in Patients, Study Finds
The week in science: 28 August–3 September 2015 - 13:00
NEWS – PLUTO - 13:00
NEWS - PMI - 13:00
March of the machines - 13:00
What will derail the wearables revolution? - 13:00
Human error is behind many avalanche deaths - 13:00
Anonymous pioneer of post-publication review reveals his identity - 13:00
Artificial-windpipe surgeon cleared of misconduct - 13:00
Artificial-windpipe pioneer cleared of misconduct - 13:00
Evidence supports trawling depth limit - 13:00
Quantum ‘spookiness’ passes toughest test yet - 13:00
WORLD VIEW - 13:00
Antipsychotic Drugs Often Given to Intellectually Disabled in Absence of Mental Illness
Most Adults' "Heart Age" Exceeds Their Actual Age
Medical specialists urge more debate on gene-editing technology
New collars monitor pets for pain, problems
AP Science News - 11:00
Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test - 11:00
Evidence supports trawling depth limit - 11:00
Quantum 'spookiness' passes toughest test yet - 11:00
Most Americans Are Actually Old at Heart
Most Americans Are Actually Old at Heart
2 cases of polio found in Ukraine, caused by mutated virus
Mysterious Spider With Blood-Red Fangs Found in Australia
U.S. to finalize new human subject protections
ScienceNOW - 4:45
Flu study highlights risks of banning ‘dangerous’ research, investigators say
ScienceNOW - 4:30
‘Vampire’ squirrel caught on film
ScienceNOW - 3:45
A bold move to save a man's hand: Tucking it into his tummy
The surprising reason some people’s muscles suddenly turn into bone
ScienceNOW - 2:00
Experts condemn China’s training of monkeys to destroy bird nests
ScienceNOW - 1:45
Earth home to 3 trillion trees, half as many as when human civilization arose
ScienceNOW - 1:00
September 01, 2015
Medical specialists urge more debate on gene-editing technology
3 Pacific Cyclones, A Hurricane off Africa: What's Going On?
Legionnaires' outbreaks not unusual in summer amp; early fall
AP Health News - 17:00
Approaching health law tax is not just a levy on luxury
AP Health News - 17:00
What Happens When Two of Ocean's Most Venomous Creatures Fight
NIH grants seek best ways to combine genomic information and EHRs
Deaf mice cured with gene therapy
Young at heart? Not most Americans, government report says
AP Health News - 15:00
Obese at 50? Midlife weight may affect when Alzheimer's hits
AP Health News - 15:00
FDA issues warning letters to powdered caffeine distributors
AP Health News - 15:00
Climate Change Could Alter Key Ocean Bacteria
UN: This El Nino to be among the strongest since 1950
AP Science News - 13:00
Island's Feral Cats Kill Surprisingly Few Birds, Video Shows
Lack of sleep puts you at higher risk for colds, first experimental study finds
ScienceNOW - 11:00
Middle-Aged Spread Could Hasten Alzheimer's, Study Finds
A Wider Waist in Middle Age Could Mean Earlier Alzheimer's
NIH study finds calorie restriction lowers some risk factors for age-related diseases
Elephant Killings in Chad’s Signature Park Cause Alarm
Sawfish ‘teeth’ didn’t pave the way for modern chompers
ScienceNOW - 7:15
River dolphin’s ancestor unearthed?
ScienceNOW - 7:00
Study: Midlife obesity may spur risk for earlier Alzheimer's
Q&A: Incoming director charts new course for NIH’s minority health institute
ScienceNOW - 1:45
Sensor Predicts Which Donated Lungs Will Fail After Transplant
August 31, 2015
California doctor faces murder trial in 3 drug deaths
AP Health News - 21:00
Rare Brain Disease Caused by Cousin of Mad Cow Culprit
Rare Brain Disease is Caused by Cousin of Mad Cow Agent, Study Finds
Judge sides with anti-abortion group in birth control case
AP Health News - 16:00
California doctor faces murder trial in 3 men's drug deaths
AP Health News - 16:00
Why Louder Electric Cars Could Be Bad News for Birds
Experts to investigate new Ebola case in north Sierra Leone
AP Health News - 14:00
McKinley vs. Denali: Who Decides Names on a Map?
Circuit in the eye relies on built-in delay to see small moving objects
A racial gap in kidney transplants closes but work remains
AP Health News - 12:00
The taming of the pig took some wild turns
ScienceNOW - 11:00
Oldest known species of sea scorpion unearthed
ScienceNOW - 8:15
Scientists find oldest known species of sea scorpion
ScienceNOW - 8:15
"Extinct" Toad Rediscovered in Ecuador
Even the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is Now Contaminated
'Extinct' Toad Rediscovered in Ecuador
PubPeer’s secret is out: Anonymous founder of controversial website reveals himself
ScienceNOW - 7:15
PubPeer’s secret is out: Founder of controversial website reveals himself
ScienceNOW - 7:15
Nearly every seabird may be eating plastic by 2050
ScienceNOW - 3:00
Kerry, Obama to raise global warming issues in Alaska
August 30, 2015
Sierra Leone: Officials confirm new Ebola death
AP Health News - 14:00
Magnet-Steered Nano-Fish Could Deliver Drugs and Sweep Body Toxins
Is Eating Fish Every Day Recommended?
Tiny ant takes on pesticide industry
ScienceNOW - 8:15
Study: Tiny, wireless pacemaker could be surgery-free option
August 29, 2015
Bats and Sloths Don't Get Dizzy Hanging Upside Down—Here's Why
August 28, 2015
U.S. Vaccination Rates High, but Pockets of Unvaccinated Pose Risk
USDA to approve Simplot's genetically engineered potato
AP Science News - 16:00
FDA Approves New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug
See Which Animals Have the Most Enormous—and Tiniest—Babies
Diabetes Drugs Can Cause Severe Joint Pain, FDA Warns
Women associate money with love, men link it to freedom
ScienceNOW - 12:00
3 Timelines Show a World Turning Against Elephant Ivory
Leading stem cell scientist cleared of misconduct charges