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August 26, 2016
Does China still harvest organs of executed? Doctors divided
AP Health News - 23:00
Alaskans live among bears _ both real and brightly colored
AP Science News - 21:00
All Donated Blood in U.S. Should Be Tested for Zika, F.D.A. Says
A Guide to Help Pregnant Women Reduce Their Zika Risk
Governor's order seeks to make Minnesota more bee-friendly
AP Health News - 16:00
Obama plans to create world's largest marine protected area
AP Science News - 16:00
Alaska identifies first case of H5N2 bird flu
AP Science News - 16:00
Governor's order seeks to make Minnesota more bee-friendly
AP Science News - 16:00
Elephant Tranquilizer Could Be Linked to Wave of Heroin Overdoses in Midwest
All Donated Blood in U.S. Will Be Tested for Zika
Robot Babies Not Effective Birth Control, Australian Study Finds
FDA expands Zika screening to all US blood centers
AP Health News - 13:00
Officials: Zika spread through sex by man with no symptoms
AP Health News - 13:00
Floods, fires, Zika and a hidden portrait - 13:00
Majority of mathematicians hail from just 24 scientific ‘families’ - 13:00
South African academics warn of universities on the brink - 13:00
FDA Suggests Testing All Donated Blood for Zika
Hair Transplants Make Some Men Look Better
FDA advises Zika screening for all US blood centers
AP Health News - 11:00
Goodbye, herring? Biotech bait gives lobstermen alternative
AP Science News - 11:00
Obamacare Program Saved Medicare $466 Million
Well: The Weekly Health Quiz: Happiness, Fracking and Fatal Music
Watch a Python Devour, Then Regurgitate, an Antelope
Well: Is Roasting a Healthy Way to Cook Vegetables?
Ask Well: Is Roasting a Healthy Way to Cook Vegetables?
Face Transplant Recipient: 'I'm the Same Old Pat'
Indonesia steps up fire response as haze blankets Singapore
UN official: For Afghan women 'glass is half full'
Indonesia steps up fire response as haze blankets Singapore
National Parks Were America’s Best Idea. Let’s Bring Them Underwater
August 25, 2016
Study Shows How Zika Is Sexually Transmitted
Mylan to Offer Some Patients Aid on Cost of EpiPens
Study finds most teens vaping fruity flavors, not nicotine
AP Health News - 19:00
UN agency: No confirmed Zika cases linked to Rio Olympics
AP Health News - 19:00
NIH names Dr. Diana Bianchi director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
'Sleeping Beauty' Frog with Bright Red Groin Discovered
No One Caught Zika at the Olympics, WHO Says
Orlando Hospitals Won't Bill Nightclub Massacre Victims
Oxygen can impair cancer immunotherapy in mice
Rare Desert Lions of 'Five Musketeers' Fame Poisoned
National Drug Alcohol Facts Week begins January 23
Well: More Life to Be Lived
Auction house to sell composite skeleton of a dodo bird
AP Science News - 13:00
Are Some People Hard-Wired for Coffee?
Something to Grapple with: How Wily Lyme Disease Prowls the Body
Well: Can We Talk About Your Weight?
Mylan boosts EpiPen patient programs, doesn't budge on price
AP Health News - 11:00
Walgreens clinics run by SSM to include birth control
AP Health News - 11:00
Accidental overdoses killed 8 people a day in Ohio last year
AP Health News - 11:00
Gay Man Abstaining From Sex for a Year to Donate Blood
Seattle’s Potential Solution for Heroin Epidemic: Places for Legal Drug Use
Experimental Device Suggests New Path to Rousing Coma Patients
Mylan says it will expand programs that lower EpiPen costs
In Iran, unique system allows payments for kidney donors
Mylan to Lower EpiPen Cost for Some Patients
India government panel clears GM mustard but hurdles remain: sources
'Terrifying shaking': Deadly Italian quake strikes 40 kilometres from L’Aquila
In Iran, unique system allows payments for kidney donors
Well: Living Near a Fracking Site Is Tied to Migraines, Fatigue
August 24, 2016
Few Homeless Shelter Workers Are Trained to Administer Heroin Antidote
Mylan Raised EpiPen’s Price Before the Expected Arrival of a Generic
Zika Infection Lasted Months in Newborn: Report
Violence has taken years off of life expectancy in Syria
AP Health News - 19:00
Gene Tests Identify Breast Cancer Patients Who Can Skip Chemotherapy, Study Says
Well: Obesity Is Linked to at Least 13 Types of Cancer
Raped and tortured by IS, Yazidi women recover in Germany
AP Health News - 16:00
Well: Growing Older, Getting Happier
Another New Zika Case Found in Florida
'No More Stares': Firefighter Enjoys New Face
NIH establishes new research program to address health disparities of chronic diseases
Scientists hope new test could help contain meningitis outbreaks
Are the Earthquakes in Myanmar and Italy Related?
Burned firefighter feels normal again after face transplant
AP Health News - 14:00
Study: Man-made warming may have started decades earlier
AP Science News - 14:00
Beyond Terminator: squishy 'octobot' heralds new era of soft robotics - 14:00
Well: When Kids Are in the Bed: The Ups and Downs of Co-Sleeping
Doctors Return to Clinics After Sex Abuse
Zika blood risk, yellow fever and a giant aircraft - 12:00
New National Monument Created in Maine's North Woods
India plans surrogacy ban for foreigners, unmarried couples
AP Health News - 10:00
Deadly Italian quake strikes 40 kilometres from L’Aquila - 10:00
In Florida Keys, Some Worry About ‘Science and Government’ More Than Zika
Busting the billion-dollar myth: how to slash the cost of drug development
Why Some Countries Don't Want to Do More to Protect Elephants
Well: Exercise Boosts Brain Health, but Is There a Downside?
China's soil plan needs strong support
20% of Scientific Papers On Genes Contain Conversion Errors Caused By Excel, Says Report
Farm safety top priority with farm tourism on the rise
August 23, 2016
Brain Scans of Brazilian Babies Show Array of Zika Effects
Florida Investigates New Zika Cases on Gulf Coast and in Miami
New Zika Cases Investigated in Florida
Florida Teen Survives 'Brain-Eating' Amoeba Infection
How Staten Island’s Drug Problem Made It a Target for Poaching Patients
How EpiPen's maker raised prices, and hackles, so much
AP Health News - 20:00
Tiny Invader, Deadly to Fish, Shuts Down a River in Montana
Expect More U.S. Zika Virus Cases, Experts Say
Zion Harvey: A Year After His Double Hand Transplant
States file another lawsuit over Obama transgender rules
AP Health News - 18:00
Boy with double-hand transplant's next goal: Play football
AP Health News - 18:00
Teen survives rare amoeba infection that kills most people
AP Health News - 18:00