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Travelled the whole day on Saturday (4 AM to 11 PM) to get back to my native Quebec, and I can say I'll miss the sunny weather of Cuernavaca, Mexico (and the people, and the food)! Forecast for tomorrow in Quebec city? Breezy and cold with a couple of showers or snow! Welcome back to Canada! At least the colored leaves are beautiful here; hope they'll stay a little longer. The workshop was an awesome experience; I'll really miss some of the people I met there. There's always email I guess!

The daily news updates should be timely now, as I'm back home with my PC (being in a foreign country with only Macs at my disposition was a very difficult experience!). Gotta get back to the lab tomorrow; I have plenty of new ideas to try, so it should be fun!

- 'Zombie worms' found off Sweden
- Cancer cell image wins top award
- Call to ban destructive fishing
- Cunning rat outsmarts scientists
- Navy sued for sonar blasting whales
- No place for Nazis in medicine
- Bird flu breaking out all over
- Galapagos tortoises unhurt by volcanic lava
- Brazil foot-and-mouth outbreak crosses state lines
- Don't jump to conclusions on bird flu mutation
- Bats passed SARS virus to civet cats

October 23, 2005 10:54 PMGeneral

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