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There's a party organized by a coworker tonight, so the daily update might be a bit late (even as far as tomorrow morning, for all I know). No real reason for the party, but personally I have one; I got selected for a course in Mexico by the HHMI in October. I don't know how many applications they had for this particular course, but I feel honored nonetheless! Also Biology News Net got featured in The Scientist (see their 'Power of the Blog' article for details).

I'm pleased by the number of people registering on the forum, but I'm wondering why no one comments! Why register if you don't wan't to leave your comment / opinion? Are you shy? :) Or is there a problem with the comment system I'm not aware of?

As a side note, I realized today that the design broke on IE5 and IE5/mac, but honestly, I don't think I have 20 hours to spend fixing a problem for the (few) people still using dated browsers. Please update your browser, it'll be better for everyone, I promise! You can't imagine the number of hacks implemented by web designers to have a webpage display the same with old and new browsers...

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