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I just uploaded the new design... much cleaner CSS, better crossbrowser compatibility, lots of PHP code (with the addition of popular posts, at the top of some pages). I got rid of the background in order to get a better switch template from black to white (try it, in the sidebar) - let me know if the design is too minimalist for your taste. Speaking of that, be sure to vote in the poll, or express yourself in the comments section of this post. Tell me what you like / don't like, if you're experiencing issues or not (browser, screen resolution, PHP code not working, broken links).

Last but not least, some interesting links to articles I found interesting :

- Tigecycline data reveals MRSA efficacy
- HIV/AIDS bigger threat than biological weapons
- Using microbes to mine metals and clean up spoil
- White Blood Cells Tweaked to Produce Insulin
- Risk of HIV transmission highest in early stage of infection
- Three additional cases of H5N1 avian influenza in Vietnam
- Cells That Go Back in Time

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