A Father’s Day Gift: Free DNA Paternity Testing

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), the world’s largest private paternity testing company, is offering free DNA testing to families that cannot afford the regular fees. Twenty Tri-State families who visit the DDC Fairfield facility on June 10 and 11 can qualify for the testing by discussing their situation with a paternity counselor.

“DDC’s fees are the lowest available, but there are still families that struggle to find the means to afford a quality DNA test,” said Jerry Watkins, Services Manager. “This is a special event to help families find the truth in time for Father’s Day.” A special hotline (513-881-4055) has been established for families to inquire about the details of the test being offered.

The 20 families will be chosen based on need, and other eligible families will receive testing for half the regular fee. DDC is extending this gift to Cincinnati & greater Tri-State families to help them find the truth in time for Father’s Day, June 19.

DDC has provided free DNA testing in the past, as part of its ongoing community service program, to assist rape victims, resolve complicated adoption issues, and help in other situations in which paternity testing was urgently required.

Results of the paternity test can be used as evidence in child support, child custody, inheritance and other legal cases, or simply for peace of mind. In the past 10 years, DDC has performed over 300,000 paternity tests, making DDC’s private paternity test reports the most recognizable by courts, Social Security agencies, and immigration offices worldwide. A DNA paternity test gives families the truth about genetic inheritance & family relationships.

Those families interested in this offer simply need to call the hotline on or before June 10 to schedule a time to talk to a counselor. Those eligible to receive the free testing will have their DNA samples collected during their visit. DDC’s laboratory is located on One DDC Way (formerly 205 Corporate Court), Fairfield, OH.

About DDC
DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is the world’s largest provider of private paternity tests. Incorporated in 1995, DDC specializes in DNA testing for family relationships, forensics, veterinary diagnostics, and human genetics. As the leading force in the private DNA testing industry, DDC was the first to adopt robotics technology in its laboratory processes for stringent and efficient handling of DNA samples. DDC’s unique Dual Process™ and extended DDC Plex™ panel ensures results of unmatched quality and reliability.

DDC’s quality DNA testing services are nationally and internationally recognized through a number of accreditations from professional organizations such as the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC/ISO17025).

Source : DNA Diagnostic Center

Posted by FiReaNG3L at June 8, 2005 05:47 PM | Biology

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